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  • Security Cameras and Networking
    Crider Consulting is excited to publicly announce that we design and install Security Camera Systems and Networks for small businesses and homes. Unfortunately, security cameras are essential these days. Wether you want to catch trespassers and thieves, protect against lawsuits, or simply keep an eye on your property or employees, cameras are the most costContinue reading “Security Cameras and Networking”
  • Cloud vs. Local Recording
    Where is your video recorded and who has access to it? To some that is an important question. It should be important to everyone. Is it recorded to your basement, on a server in another state, or maybe even in another country?
  • Constant vs. Event Based Recording
    Does the system record every now and then, or all of the time? Why choose one over the other?
  • Wireless vs. Cellular vs. Wired
    How do the cameras connect to the place where they are recorded?
  • Battery Powered vs. Powered vs. POE
    What powers the camera? Why does it matter?
  • System Ease of Use
    The quality of the user interface is one of the hardest aspects of a security camera system to quantify or even find any real information on.