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Crider Consulting is excited to publicly announce that we design and install Security Camera Systems and Networks for small businesses and homes.

Unfortunately, security cameras are essential these days. Wether you want to catch trespassers and thieves, protect against lawsuits, or simply keep an eye on your property or employees, cameras are the most cost effective solution.

Rockingham county has had a rash of catalytic converter thefts recently. It seems as though nearly every business in the Broadway area has had at least one stolen from their parking lot. The police were recently able to apprehend one of the culprits due in part to the video from a camera system that Crider Consulting installed at a local business.

There are plenty of inexpensive products on the market, but deciding which system is right for your needs, how many cameras you will need, and where to place them can be a daunting task. That’s where Crider Consulting comes in. We will meet with you to determine your requirements, design a complete system, purchase and install it for you.

I personally have had cameras at my home for years. I began with a battery powered wireless system that filled my needs at the time. I quickly became frustrated with ensuring that the batteries were charged, having weak wireless signal, and the cloud only storage of that system. So, I upgraded to a wired, POE (power-over-ethernet) system with local only recording, and remote access. I have been so pleased with this system, that it is the primary brand that I decided to install once I started Crider Consulting.

Crider Consulting can also design and install networks, both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi). With my preferred brand, the same system manages both the network and the cameras. This allows for overlap in components, reducing the cost over separate systems. We also install wireless links between buildings, connecting a shop or garage, etc. to your existing network.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting additional blogs explaining some of the differences in the types of Security Camera Systems:

Cloud vs. Local Recording
Constant vs. Event Based Recording
Wireless vs. Cellular vs. Wired
Battery Powered vs. Powered vs. POE
System Ease of Use

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