Security Cameras & Networking

Crider Consulting can design and install custom security camera systems and wired/Wi-Fi networking for your home or small business.

Multiple brands available, selected based on your needs and budget.

* Crider Consulting does not offer monitoring services.
* You decide if Crider Consulting has access to the system at any time after final payment.

  • Security Cameras
    • Local recording
    • Remotely Accessible
    • Smart Detection (Vehicle & Person)
    • Self Monitored
  • Networking
    • Wired Network Install
    • Wi-Fi (wireless) Install
    • Wireless link to remote building

What to Expect:

* Crider Consulting does not charge for proposals or estimates.

  • Will meet with you on-site to determine your requirements.
  • Will create a proposal with one or more custom designs.
  • We will meet again to review the proposal and estimate with you.
    • If any changes are requested, we will make the changed to the proposal and review the changes with you.
  • Once you accept the proposal, we will set a schedule for the install of the system.

Example Installs:

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Customers Include:

(540) 896-1269

Greg Turner
(540) 830-1755

If you are interested receiving a proposal, give us a call.


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