Relevant Experience

Crider Consulting

  • Developed multiple alternate battery power solutions for customer.
  • Completed multiple electrical troubleshooting and repair jobs for a diesel repair business.
  • Developed the Portable Power Supply for sale.
  • Created iOS App for sale.

Systems Engineer, 8 years

  • Program Technical Lead for a new project from proposal through start of build.
  • Sensor Subject Matter Expert for design, install, and reach-back support for all projects.
  • Subject matter expert in the design, drawing, building, installation, troubleshooting, and repair of interconnect solutions.
  • Multiple integrations of bleeding-edge technology systems in various aircraft.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and innovate ways to test new and non-mission capable systems.
  • Designed and built multi-system test apparatus for use in troubleshooting/calibrating components of communication and sensor systems.
  • Lead division service technician for repairs associated with various sensors.
  • Chief architect, draftsman, fabricator, and integrator of all cabling and imagery subcomponents for several nation level projects.
  • Redesigned aircraft mission power distribution system through first hand interpretation of customer requirements.
  • Provided synopsis of this power solution for direct incorporation into contract proposal documentation.
  • Configure HAIPE devices, satellite emulators, VoIP appliances, serial to IP platforms, datalinks and other networking equipment.
  • Design, configure, and implement small networks for lab testing of equipment.

Electronics Technician II, 10 months

  • Directed the design, build, and installation of high level wiring harnesses of multiple system engineers.
  • Assisted in the design, build, and install flight systems status and limitations hardware and software.
  • Highly experienced in the design and drawing of intricate wiring diagrams.
  • Conceived of and engineered software for a new design of sensor door motor controller.

Avionics Technician, 8.75 Years

  • Responsible for the supervision of five personnel in the areas of installation, troubleshooting, and repairs of avionics equipment in customer aircraft.
  • Designed, developed, built, implemented, troubleshot, and repaired electrical control systems for various aerial applications.
  • Formulated, designed, developed, built, implemented, troubleshot, and repaired an automated, self-adjusting control system for aerial spray application. Included circuit design, microcontroller programming, PCB design, and the user interface; greatly reducing pilot workload.
  • Instrumental in the integration of customer proprietary software/hardware into government supplied aircraft with the sole purpose of furthering mission success and program longevity.
  • Integrated customer’s equipment into aircraft.
  • Primary integrator for one program, both aircraft and mission systems.
  • Operate aerial system and sensors, ground systems, troubleshoot and repair failures, innovate solutions, assist OEMs in troubleshooting.

Electronics Technician Class B, 4.6 years

  • Board level troubleshooting and repair of leakage detection and signal strength meters that have been returned for repair.