QuickShop: Shopping List

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QuickShop: Shopping List is great for those who want to organize their in-store shopping experience.

  • Create a personalized shopping list. Use this list throughout the week to select the items that you need to purchase.
  • Add the stores where you typically shop. Create aisles for each stores, in the order that you like, with custom names.
  • When you go shopping, simply select the store that you are in and only the items that you need will show, separated by the aisles for that store. This allows you to only go down the aisles that contain items that you need to get.


Setup is manual and takes some time, but is only needed once, and can be completed over time.

To Add a Store:

  • Add a store with the “+” button in the “Manage Stores” tab.
Add a Store
  • Enter the Store Name.
Enter Store Name
  • Change Store color
    • This is the color used for the store in the “Shopping” tab.
Change Store Color
  • Add an Aisle with the “New Aisle” Button.
Add an Aisle
  • Repeat for each aisle.
Aisle List
  • Add more stores, if desired.
  • Repeat these steps for each store that you want to add.
Multiple Stores

To add items to the Shopping List:

  • Select the “Shopping List” tab.
  • Add Grocery Items with the “+” button.
Add Grocery Item
  • Enter Item name, and assign to appropriate aisle for each store.
  • If the Aisle is not known, leave it makes as “Unknown Aisle”
  • If an item is not available in a store, mark it “Not Available”. It will not show up in that store when shopping.
Add Grocery
  • Repeat for all grocery items.
  • (More can be added at any time)
All Groceries

To mark groceries as needed:

  • Select the “Shopping List” tab.
  • As you find groceries that you need to buy, mark them by tapping the Circle beside the item.
  • If the item is not in the list, add it using the “+”. (See directions above)
  • The list is sorted alphabetically.
  • The list is searchable.
Mark Items Needed
  • Grocery items can be grouped into a collapsable section.
  • Create 2 or more items with the same group name at the start followed by either the “,” or “:” character.
    • Grouped item with the “,” will display as written. (see “Dressing,” below)
    • Grouped items with the “:” will not display the group name. (see “Soda:” below)
All Groceries

Settings (in iPhone settings):

  • Use Grouping in Shopping List:
    • Setting this to off will disable the collapsable grouping. Items will be displayed without being grouped.
  • Group Color:
    • Sets the background color for the groups.
Mark Items Needed


  • When you get to the store, select the “Shopping” tab.
  • Total items needed will show in the red bubble on the tab.
  • Total items needed per store will show in the bubble for each store.
  • If there is a store without any needed items, it will not display.
  • Select the store where you are shopping.
Pick a Store
  • All of the items needed will be sorted by aisle in that store.
  • Only aisles that have items that you need will be displayed.
  • Items that you still need to pick up will display in the top right (8 in this example).
  • If you need to change the aisle of an item, tap the “⌄” and select the correct aisle.
Change Aisle
  • As you pick up items, mark them by tapping the Circle.
  • Those items will move to “”
    • They can be removed from the cart by tapping the green Shopping Cart.
  • Once an aisle has no more items, it will disappear.
  • When you’ve finished shopping, tap “Done Shopping”
  • This will mark all items in cart as no longer needed.
    • You can select “Done Shopping” at any time, even if you haven’t picked up everything.
    • All items not marked as “In Cart” when “Done Shopping” is tapped will remain checked as ‘needed’ in the “Shopping List” tab.
Done Shopping
  • If your “Shopping List” is empty, you will see this screen in the “Shopping” tab.
No Groceries


To edit a store:

  • Select “Manage Stores” tab.
  • Select the Store to edit.
  • Tap the “Edit” button

What can you do?

  • Rename the Store.
  • Change the Store Color.
    • Used in the “Shopping” tab.
  • Rename an aisle.
  • Add more Aisles.
  • Delete Aisles.
  • Rearrange Aisles
    • (The order of this list is the order of aisles when shopping in this store.)
    • Grab the 3-lines
    • Drag and Drop
Edit a Store

To Edit an Aisle in a store:

  • Select “Manage Stores” tab.
  • Select the Store to edit.
  • Select the Aisle to edit.

What can you do?

  • Add items to the aisle from the shopping list.
    • Tap the green “+” beside an item.
  • Remove an item from the aisle.
    • Tap the red “-” beside an item.
  • Mark items unavailable in the store.
    • Tap the blue circle slash.
  • Remove an item from unavailable.
    • Tap the blue “⌃” square.
    • Item will move to Unknown Aisles.
Enter Store Name

To delete a store:

  • Select the “Manage Stores” tab.
  • Select the store to delete.
  • Tap “Delete Store” at the bottom.
Edit a Store

To edit a grocery item:

  • Select the “Shopping List” tab.
  • Tap the gear beside the item to edit.

What can you do?

  • Rename the item
  • Change the Aisle for every store.
  • Delete the item.
Edit a Store

What is not allowed?

  • Cannot have multiple grocery items with the same name.
  • Cannot have multiple stores with the same name.
  • Cannot have multiple aisles with the same name in a single store.
    • Aisle names can be duplicated in different stores.

Available for iPhone:

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