Technical Gap Support

We offer Gap/Surge support to companies for technical positions. If your company needs:

  • Temporary assistance while looking for that perfect employee,
  • Additional help for a surge in work, or
  • Additional expertise, for a limited time.

Crider Consulting is here to assist.

We have experience in many areas, and the ability to learn new areas quickly. Some past experiences include:

  • Multiple sensor integration into aircraft
  • Aircraft sensor systems power design
  • Design, build, install low-voltage cabling
  • Avionics
  • Wireless datalinks
  • IP hardware encryption
  • IP emulators
  • Systems integration
  • Technical research
  • Electronics repair
  • Test fixture design

If you would like to learn how Crider Consulting can help to fill your Gap or Surge Technical need, give us a call.

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