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This form will be used by Crider Consulting to make an initial assessment of your Security Camera needs.

All information entered in this form is manually analyzed by a Security Camera Professional at Crider Consulting. The report is manually generated and will be e-mailed to the address provided. Please be patient.

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d) Where are your cameras installed?

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f) How satisfied are you with the video quality?

g) Do they cover everything required?

h) Do they record 24/7 or only when there's motion?

i) Is the video stored on-site, or in the Cloud?

j) Are there any monthly fees?

k) How easy is the system to use?

3) Why do you have/want security cameras? *

4) Where do you want cameras installed? *

7) Have you had any catalytic converters stolen from your property?

9) How good is the Wi-Fi coverage?

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There is no cost to submit this form.
The cost of the Assessment Report from Crider Consulting is $25.00. You will be contacted for payment prior to delivery of the report.
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